6 New Year’s Resolutions for Car Owners in 2020
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6 New Year’s Resolutions for Car Owners in 2020

It’s January, time for New Year’s resolutions, good intentions and healthier habits. Whilst for many of us this usually involves, drinking less alcohol, eating less sugary foods and trying to do more exercise.

However, there are other areas where you can have resolutions – say for example how you look after your car. Not top of your list I hear you say? Well read on and let’s see if we can change your mind.

Look After Your Car and Save Money

Many of the tasks listed below are key to keeping your car running properly and efficiently and this means saving you money in the long run. Maintaining your vehicle regularly ensures any problems are spotted early and can be fixed preventing other wear and tear or pressure on other parts.

Here are just 6 top tips that you can resolve to do this winter to help keep your car working properly, save you money on unexpected repairs and even keep you safer.

  1. Check Your Tyre Pressures

It’s a good idea to check your tyre pressures each month. Having the right tyre pressures helps your car to run more efficiently, handle better and will even give you a more comfortable drive.

Every car manual will stipulate what your tyre pressures should be. These can be different from front to back wheels and will change according to how much luggage you are carrying. If you are not sure what yours should be, pop into your local garage and ask them. For more information read our blog on caring for your tyres.

  1. Have Small Repairs Done Promptly

It’s always a good idea to make sure that any problems are sorted quickly, and repairs carried out swiftly so as to avoid potentially larger issues rearing their head.

In the winter this is especially true of simple things like broken light bulbs. With both morning and evening rush hours taking place in twilight or in the dark, making sure other vehicles can see you clearly is vital to keep you and other motorists safe. Rear lights are just as important as the front ones – so if your car doesn’t have an electronic fault alert system, make sure you check these manually at regular periods.

If you can’t replace a bulb yourself, your local garage should be able to fit it relatively quickly or even while you wait.

  1. Keep your Screen Wash Topped Up

It’s a small part of our cars, but screenwash makes such a difference allowing you to see out of your windscreen! This is especially true during the winter months when there is more surface water on the roads which is then kicked up by other vehicles along with salt and girt when it is cold and icy.

Adding screenwash to your car is a job any of us can do. One tip if you struggle to pour the liquid neatly into the screenwash compartment, is to use a funnel. Keep your screenwash topped up and don’t forget to use a stronger strength one in the winter which won’t freeze when the temperature drops.

  1. Stay Back from the Car in Front

With so many more drivers on the roads it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a safe distance between you and the car in front. Sometimes you can leave a gap and someone else decides that it’s enough space for them to move in to causing you to have to hang back again.

To help maintain a safe distance keep an eye on the chevrons marked out on the motorway. When travelling at 70mph the distance required between us and next car is longer than you think.

This is because the stopping distance required at this speed is huge – a whopping 96m! By staying at a safe distance, you improve your chances of reacting and not being involved in an accident.

  1. Be Prepared for a Breakdown

We all hope that our cars won’t breakdown, but inevitably sometimes they do. Being prepared with hazard triangles and reflective vests are good ways to make sure you stay safe if you breakdown on the road.

In winter it’s also a good idea to think about a little emergency bag that you can have in the boot –  maybe a blanket, scarf and gloves and perhaps a pack of biscuits to eat so you can keep warm while you wait for help to arrive. For more suggestions read Our Top 5 Must Have Accessories for Winter Driving.

  1. Booking your Car for Regular Servicing

Many of the above faults and issues can be lessened if you have your car serviced regularly. When your car is serviced the essentials are checked such as tyre tread depth, working lights as well as things such as changing the filters on the air conditioning or changing the oil.

A service gives you peace of mind that as far as possible your car is working properly and safely. Your car manual will state when your car requires a service. This is usually a combination of the number of miles travelled and time since the last service.

Is Your Car Winter Ready?                                                                                               

If any of the above points are worrying you and you are in the Chepstow area, why not book your car in with us? Autocare is a BOSCH approved Service Centre which means you can be assured of our customer service and quality workmanship. Contact our friendly team on 01291 627 137.


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