Brake Repairs and Replacements Chepstow

Brakes are an important safety feature of your car so it’s critical your pads and discs are in tip-top condition.

Auto Care Centre offers free brake checks for all drivers in the Chepstow, Gloucestershire and Monmouth area so you can have us take a look at absolutely no cost to you.

If you do need help after your free check we are able to repair or replace the following (including ABC systems):

  • Brakes pads and discs
  • Drums, shoes & calipers
  • Brake cylinders and pipes
  • Brake sensors
  • Handbrakes including cables
  • Brake fluid changes

Additionally, using our specialist equipment we are able to offer brake disc skimming for all makes and models of vehicle too.

Brake Repairs being Carried out at our Chepstow Garage

Don’t leave it to chance, if you feel your vehicle’s brake discs and pads are worn and need replacing but aren’t too sure then call us on 01291 627137 to book your car in for a FREE check.
We can take a look and advise you whether your brakes are safe or if they need to be replaced.

We Only Fit Quality Brake Components

At Autocare, we highly prioritise our customer’s safety, which is why we ONLY supply and fit high-quality brake discs and pads. Our brake repair service is efficient and speedy, and can be carried out on a while-you-wait basis. To ensure we have the right brake parts for your vehicle on the day of repair, we do recommend booking in advance.

Clutch Replacement Service Chepstow

Autocare Chepstow know a thing or two about replacing clutches having fitted thousands over the years we have been operating. We offer highly competitive prices helping to cut the cost of a clutch, the highest quality clutches,
expertise in fitting and a speedy, friendly service.

Free Clutch Checks for drivers in Chepstow, Monmouth & Caldicot

Not sure if your clutch is faulty? Don’t worry we offer customers a completely Free Clutch Check – just give us a call on 01291 627137 , book your vehicle in and we’ll give your vehicle’s clutch an assessment whilst you wait.

Our clutch repair experts will then be able to advise if your clutch needs replacing – and don’t worry the check takes no more than several minutes so you won’t have to wait for long!

If your clutch doesn’t need replacing we’ll tell you that too and if needed we can look to see if there might be another underlying problem with your vehicle.

  • What causes the clutch to burn out?

    Where it is true that some clutches last longer than others, a build-up of friction in the clutch plate can guarantee that it will not last as long.

    The most common things that cause this buildup are:

    • Driving pressing your clutch pedal half way down
    • Shifting before the clutch is fully disengaged – or letting the clutch pedal out without being completely in gear
    • Holding your vehicle on a hill using your clutch instead of your handbrake

    By avoiding these 3 things can help to reduce friction and hopefully stop your clutch from burning out. For more information check out our blog on driving habits that are ruining your clutch.

  • What are the symptoms that the clutch may need replacing?

    If you’re experiencing any of the below symptoms, you may need a clutch replacement:

    • Spongy, sticking, vibrating or loose clutch pedal when pressed
    • Squeaking or grumbling noise when pressed
    • Ability to rev the engine, but poor acceleration
    • Difficulty shifting gear
    • ‘Slipping’ clutch, causing a momentary loss of acceleration
  • What are the signs your brakes need replacing?

    • Brake pedal vibrates when you hold it down
    • Brakes make a clicking sound when you use them
    • Brakes make a screeching sound when used
  • Can you drive your vehicle with worn brakes?

    No, it’s not recommended to continue driving with worn brake pads as it can significantly decrease your vehicle’s braking performance, increase the risk of accidents, and cause damage to other components of the braking system. Have your brake pads inspected regularly and replaced if necessary to ensure optimal braking performance and prevent costly repairs in the future.

close up of disk skimming machine
Clutch Being Repaired Chepstow

Find out more about Brake and Clutch maintenance in our blog

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Experts In Clutch and Brake Repair Chepstow 

Call today and book in for your free clutch or break test on 01297 627137 or fill out a contact form below with any queries. 

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