Electric Car Repairs, MOTs and Servicing in Chepstow

If you are struggling to find a fully qualified mechanic offering electric car servicing in Chepstow, we can help. As well as servicing, we also offer repairs and MOTs for electric cars, vans, or other vehicles.

At Autocare Centre Chepstow, we are an IMI qualified repair centre meaning our mechanics have the skills, training and specialist equipment required to carry out electric car repairs, servicing, fault finding and MOTs. Unlike dealerships that electric car owners are often forced to use, our service is affordable and every customer is treated as an individual.

We have worked on a huge range of electric vehicles including the popular Renault Zoe, sporty Tesla S and X, Toyota Mirai, VW e-Golf, Nissan Leaf, BMW i3, Audi e-tron and many more. To book in for your next electric vehicle MOT, repair or service in Chepstow, call us today on 01291 627 137.

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“The most thorough & professional garage I have visited in my 30 years driving. Great service, friendly & positive attitude. Will certainly use again – thanks a lot.”

James Plane

Electric Car MOTs Chepstow

Just like regular petrol and diesel cars, electric cars and vehicles require an MOT test annually after they are 3 years old.

However, due to the high voltage battery and charging point found within electric cars, the process is different and should not be completed without specialist training and equipment. Because of this, electric car drivers are often forced to use dealerships which are usually expensive and lack a personal service.

At Autocare Centre Chepstow, we offer a complete electric vehicle MOT service and offer a free retest if any remedial work is carried out with us. Call us today on 01291 627 137 to book your MOT.

Electric Car MOT FAQs

  • How Much Does an Electric Car MOT Cost?

    An electric car MOT will cost the same as your regular MOT, call us today on 01291 627 137 for our most up to date pricing.

  • How Often Does an Electric Car Need An MOT?

    The same as any other vehicle, an electric car will need an MOT test once every year after it is 3 years old.

  • What is Involved in an Electric Car MOT?

    Your electric car is logged onto the official MOT test system. Unlike regular vehicles however, electric cars have no transmission fluids, engine oil or emissions and so skip these steps in the MOT process. The following checks are then carried out:


    • All lights are tested to ensure optimum visibility.
    • safety features such as windscreen wipers, seatbelts and chips in the windscreen are checked.
    • The steering system, suspension and tyres are checked for damage.
    • A brake test is carried out to determine whether the brake pads need repairing/replacing.
    • The electrical systems of the car including its battery health and electric motor will be checked to make sure they are operating safely.

Electric Car Servicing Chepstow

Finding a garage to carry out regular servicing on an electric vehicle can be difficult. Despite electric vehicles becoming more and more popular, few garages other than main dealerships have invested in the training and equipment to provide full servicing for electric cars.

At Autocare Centre Chepstow we provide full servicing for electric vehicles and, in addition to our regular service, have the skills and equipment in-house to deal with most common faults exclusive to electric vehicles including issues with the charging cable, high voltage battery and cables within the battery. All servicing work completed is done so up to manufacturer standards and recommendations.

If you need a service or are experiencing a fault with your electric vehicle and don’t want to waste time and money taking it back to the dealership, call us today on 01291 627 137 to book your vehicle in.

Electric Car Servicing FAQs

  • What Specialist Equipment Do You Use?

    As well as rigorous training, we have invested in a range of specialist equipment to protect our mechanics including:

    • Insulated tools
    • Insulated ppe gloves
    • Masks
    • Matting
    • Specialist diagnostic equipment
  • How Often Should I Have My Electric Car Serviced?

    Like other vehicles, we recommend that an electric car is brought in for a full service annually, once it has reached 12,000 miles, or when their is an obvious fault.

  • What Faults Can You Fix?

    We can fix all any problems with the vehicle including repairs to the high voltage system and are fully trained and certified to do so, our training record / certificates are available on request.

Electric Car Repairs Chepstow

If you have damage to your electric vehicle such as a scratch, blemish, chip, dent or something more extensive – we can help.

At Autocare Centre Chepstow, we provide a complete bodywork repair service and can also carry out insurance work. Unlike other garages, we are fully trained to work with electric vehicles and can repair or replace electric components within the vehicle.

As an independent garage, we are an affordable alternative to electric car dealerships and have invested heavily in equipment and training. Call us today on 01291 627 137 to get a quote for your electric vehicle repair.

Electric Vehicle MOT, Repair and Maintenance Chepstow

To book your electric vehicle in for its next MOT, service or bodywork repair, give us a call on 01291 627 137 or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you.

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