Our Top 5 Must Have Accessories For Winter Driving
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Our Top 5 Must Have Accessories For Winter Driving

Winter is almost upon us! The time of year when temperatures begin to drop and your ice scraper becomes your best friend. Along with regular servicing to avoid unexpected breakdowns, we’ve rounded up our top 5 winter accessories to keep you warm and safe on the roads this winter.

  1. Heated Seat Covers

Heated car seat covers are the perfect solution for any driver who has an older vehicle and knows the struggle of driving in the cold whilst their heating slowly kicks in. Remote controlled and with a number of heat settings, the Streetwize Heated cover plugs into your car’s power outlet and is available from Argos and Amazon. – Be sure to unplug them when your engine isn’t running as to not drain your battery!

  1. Anti Frost Windshield Cover

If you don’t have a garage available for your vehicle, chances are you spend part of your morning scraping ice off your windscreen. Many drivers cover their vehicle with a sheet of tarpaulin overnight, but this can still leave the vehicle vulnerable to frost; as well as being impractical.

The BEEWAY Anti-frost windshield cover sits comfortably on your windshield and is made up of four layers, offering both summer and winter protection, making it a great buy for all year round. These windshield covers are easy to use, cost effective, pack away easily and at only £9.99, are rated Amazon’s choice.

Tip: If you do need to de-ice your windshield – never use boiling water!

  1. Handpresso Portable Coffee Maker 

For those who simply cannot live without their coffee, especially on those cold winter mornings, the Handpresso portable coffee maker can be plugged into your car’s Cigarette lighter socket, meaning you never have to go without. These coffee makers claim to deliver a brew as creamy and delicious as your at-home machine, but all from the comfort of your warm vehicle. Its compact design means that it perfectly fits your cup holder and can be easily stored for when you’re on the go.

  1. Silica Gel Car Dehumidifier

In this colder weather, you may find your vehicle steaming up a lot more often than usual, this happens when the moisture levels in your vehicle are colder than temperatures outside. Some people swear by filling a sock or pair of tights with cat litter and leaving it in their vehicle overnight.

Whilst this old trick does actually work, having a pair of socks in your glovebox may not be the most appealing solution, so why not consider purchasing the Apalus car dehumidifier bag? These bags are filled with super absorbent silica and can be heated in the microwave every few months so as to reuse them. Get rid of that demisting pad and effortlessly prevent a misty windscreen this winter.

Tip: If you do find yourself with a misted windscreen and don’t have a solution to hand, try opening your windows for a short time – this will reduce the amount of water vapour inside your vehicle.

  1. Iceplane Ice Scraper

You can’t go far wrong with an ice scraper – the iceplane, however, is one of the best-selling ice  scrapers on the market, and the no.1 on Amazon. It’s twin blades are set at the optimum angle for best penetration of ice and it’s virgin UPVC blades won’t scratch your windscreen or windows. The iceplane has a soft grip handle, making it a more practical alternative to using a credit card and is available from Amazon for under £10.

Your Winter Emergency Checklist

Aside from these great gadgets, you should be aware of the dangers of driving in winter time – we recommend you have the following in your vehicle at all times:

  • Spare antifreeze and extra screenwash
  • In car phone charger
  • First aid kit and personal medication
  • Torch
  • Spare pair of sturdy footwear
  • Shovel if you live in an area that has been hit with heavy snowfall
  • Emergency reflective triangle

Stay Road Safe This Winter With Autocare

Vehicles are at a higher risk of breakdown throughout the colder months, before any journey in cold conditions you should check your tyre pressure and fluid levels. Ensuring your vehicle has regular servicing when necessary will reduce your chances of a breakdown dramatically.

If you want to book your vehicle in for servicing or have any questions regarding driving in colder weather – give us a call on 01291 627137 or get in touch here.


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  • Tyler Johnson
    December 5, 2019, 4:23 pm REPLY

    I like the idea of having a cover to protect the windshield from frost. I hate having to scrape mine in the morning, so I generally do the bare minimum. One of those might make it a bit safer for me to drive since I usually can’t see as well as I should when there is frost.

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