Get a full MOT from Autocare’s highly qualified MOT Testers to ensure your peace of mind and complete compliance with current law.

It is a legal requirement that all vehicles used on the road are kept in a roadworthy condition. The MOT test is designed to check that a vehicle meets road safety and environmental standards and is required annually from when the vehicle is three years old.

In order to ensure a passed MOT, it’s recommended to bring your car in for its annual service before the test, this way any problems that would lead to a failed MOT can be resolved.

We can complete MOT testing on the following classes of vehicle:

  • Class 3 – 3 wheeled vehicles less than 450 kg
  • Class 4 – Cars & light commercial vehicles less than 3 tonnes
  • Class 5 – Mini buses (not for hire) up to 5,000kg
  • Class 7 – light commercial vehicles 3 to 3.5 tonnes

We even MOT luxury supercars like Bugatti and Ferrari, with a Bugatti Veyron coming in every year for it’s MOT with us.

Failed Your MOT?

Your retest is free if any remedial work is carried out with us.

The top reasons for MOT failure are..

  • Lamps, Reflectors & Electrical Equipment
  • Suspension
  • Brakes
  • Driver's View of the Road
  • Tyres
  • Exhaust, Fuel & Emissions
  • Steering
  • Seatbelts & Restraint Systems
Supercar having MOT at Autocare Chepstow
Wheels and Tyres Chepstow
Poor driving habits damaging your clutch
  • How often do I need an MOT?

    Once your car reaches 3 years old, an MOT becomes an annual requirement.

  • What's checked during an MOT?

    Throughout the course of an MOT, a number of key components of your vehicle will be checked to ensure they are safe and functioning properly, this includes:

    • Lights.
    • Horn.
    • Battery.
    • Wiring.
    • Steering.
    • Suspension.
    • Brakes.
    • Tyres.
    • Seatbelts.
    • Bodywork.
    • Registration.
    • Speedometer.
    • Fuel System.
    • Exhaust System.
    • Emissions.
    • Mirrors.
    • Wipers.
    • Windscreen.
  • What happens if I fail my MOT?

    If your car fails its MOT for any reason, you will be given a refusal of MOT certificate outlining the reason why. You must have your car repaired and re-tested before you drive it again.

Chepstow MOT While You Wait

All necessary repairs can be carried out quickly and there is no MOT retest fee if your vehicle is left with us at our Chepstow MOT centre for repairs. Call today and book in for a MOT Test on 01291 627137 or fill out a contact form below with any queries. 

We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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