There is nothing worse than getting into the heat of summer and finding your car’s air conditioning is no longer working! With a quick phone call to Auto Care Centre Chepstow, we can sort your vehicle’s air conditioning system allowing you to stay cool in your car on the hottest of days.

For keeping cool in the hot summer months or having clear de-misted windows in the cold British winters, a well maintained and serviced Air Conditioning system is essential for your comfort and safety.

We recommend that your air conditioning system is visually checked at your annual vehicle service – something we do as a matter of course and then have it fully serviced every two years.

  • Should use the air conditioning all year round?

    Air-conditioning can certainly be used all year round, no matter what temperature your heater is set to. The advantages of doing this are; it removes moisture from the air to prevent misting of windows. It will also decrease the likelihood of leaks as the oils within the system circulate and stop it drying out, it is actually recommendable that you run your aircon for at least 10 minutes a week to ensure that it doesn’t dry out.

  • Does using air conditioning affect fuel consumption?

    Using the AC can cause fuel consumption to raise as much as  20% because of the extra load on the engine. However, this is only a rough guide and dependant on a number of variables such as the vehicle’s interior size, the outdoor temperature.

  • Why should I get my air conditioning serviced regularly?

    Having your air conditioning unit regularly serviced ensures it runs as intended. As well as keeping you cool, a well maintained air con unit will keep driving costs down and avoid the risk of expensive repairs down the line.

Air Con Maintenance Chepstow

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