Garage Before Google: Not All Car Problems Can Be Diagnosed Online
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Garage Before Google: Not All Car Problems Can Be Diagnosed Online

With the rise of the digital age, people are using search engines and social media more and more, with around 3.5billion searches a day on Google alone. With the vast amount of knowledge available online, people take to Google and other platforms to find answers to their problems –  whether it’s health, relationships or car diagnostics.

Whilst there are a numerous amount of websites out there that can assist you in identifying your cars problems, most problems with cars can’t be resolved with a simple visual inspection or information you source from search engines.

Car Problems Can Be More Serious Than They Seem

Whilst mechanics love people taking an interest in car repair, the answers drivers are given on the internet are often different to the actual problem. Without proper equipment and inspection, the diagnosis can be more or less serious than they were originally told online. Google and other search engines may give you the information required to attempt to diagnose the problem, but a professional mechanic will still be required to correctly interpret the problem and make a suitable recommendation based on the results.

In cases where the vehicle shows a warning light indicating what the problem may be, vehicle owners will often Google the meaning of the warning light and inform the garage of the problem, however, this is not always correct, due to the fact that the warning lights don’t specify the exact problem.

For example, if the anti-lock braking (ABS) warning light illuminates on a car’s dashboard it can mean anything from an easy fix sensor failure to a more serious problem with the car’s ABS. In this scenario, even after searching for information online or asking an expert on social media – it’s a certainty that only  a fully trained mechanic equipped with the right equipment would be able to figure out the exact problem with the vehicle and provide the best repair for it.

Repairing a Car At Home

Because of the advancement in technologies in modern cars, people turn to Google because they struggle to carry out DIY work on the car themselves, still, many issues faced by vehicle owners need a mechanic to sort. Despite the increasing difficulty of home car repairs, there are several jobs and routine checks that can be carried out from home to ensure your next unexpected visit to the garage doesn’t come too soon:

  • Fluid Changes – Routine changes of windscreen fluid, brake fluids and oil changes can be carried out from home, consult your car’s manual to locate the correct location for the fluids.
  • Windscreen Wiper Replacement – Whilst they can be fiddly and frustrating, windscreen wiper changes are something that can be done easily from home. You can purchase new windscreen wipers at hardware stores or online – be sure to get the correct fit for your model.
  • Bulb Replacement – Your car will not pass its MOT if any of it’s exterior lights don’t work. Changing a bulb is a relatively simple task and replacement bulbs can easily be bought in hardware shops and online. Some newer models of cars have complex systems which require specialist equipment to replace some of the bulbs – we recommend visiting a garage if this is the case.
  • Car Batteries – If you’re confident in your abilities, changing a car’s battery can be a manageable task. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection throughout, however, don’t take the risk if you are unsure of what you are doing, take your car to a garage.

If you do notice any problems that are beyond your knowledge, it’s always best to take your car for diagnostics at a garage rather than try to fix the problem yourself and cause further damage to your vehicle.

Ensure The Right Diagnosis At Autocare

Using search engines to gather a working knowledge of your vehicle and common problems can be a great resource and can be useful when recognising minor problems with it. However, If you’re concerned about a problem, don’t take the risk and cause any further damage. Give us a call on 01291 627137 and turn to a professional garage before you turn to Google.


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