Back to School – DVSA Urges Motorists to Get Cars Checked
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Back to School – DVSA Urges Motorists to Get Cars Checked

As schools across the UK re-open following the latest national lockdown, a recent announcement from the DVSA (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) urges motorists to get their cars checked before returning to the roads.

New DVSA data shows that between April and December 2020, over 650,000 defects were related to windscreen washers and screen wash and nearly 1.3 million defects were related to tyre tread.

Owners are warned that vehicles which have not been used frequently are at risk of developing some of these common problems and so drivers are encouraged to perform basic checks on their vehicles before making a journey.

Find out the latest data and recommendations from the DVSA, get advice on car safety checks you can do at home and discover our top tips for returning drivers in our latest blog post.

DVSA Announcement Highlights Large Increase in Vehicle Problems  

As well as the issues mentioned above, the MOT testing service saw a 102% increase in the number of under-inflated tyres compared to the same time period (April – December) in 2019.

Furthermore, the data shows that the amount of seriously defective or missing headlamps had increased by 5% and the number of tyres with deep cuts had also increased by 8.2%

With the reopening of schools, it is likely that motorists will begin to use their vehicles more frequently than they have in recent months. As stationary vehicles are at higher risk of developing problems, it is recommended to carry out some basic checks such as examining your tyre tread and pressure and checking your screen wash level and lights.

DVSA’s head of MOT policy, Chris Price said:

“with more traffic on the road, we want to help everyone to keep their vehicle safe to drive. That’s why we’re urging all motorists to carry out some simple, visual checks before they get on the road again.”

Mr Price also advised that for “those who are unsure about any issues, we recommend a professional check at a local garage for peace of mind.”

Car Safety Checks You Can Do at Home

In a recent tweet, the DVSA listed some of the simple car safety checks you can do, following an easy-to-remember acronym: SAFE.

For more information on car safety checks you can do at home, why not take a look at our blog which offers detailed information on what you should check and how, from tyre pressure to child car seat safety. Complete these checks before using your vehicle again regularly to do the school run and ensure your car is safe.

Top Tips For Returning Drivers

If you are using your vehicle again for the first time, the thought of getting back behind the wheel may be daunting. We have put together some tips for returning drivers to help you get reacquainted with your vehicle and ensure that you feel safe while driving.

Need Your Vehicle Serviced?

It is recommended by the DVSA to visit your garage for a professional check before returning to the roads.

Bringing in your car for a service is a sure way to establish the safety of your vehicle. As an approved BOSCH service centre, our team at Autocare Chepstow have the expertise to deliver the highest standards of servicing, including servicing for electric vehicles.

Similarly, you should ensure your vehicle has a valid MOT to avoid unexpected breakdowns and potential fines. To book an MOT or service, give us a call on 01291 627137 or get in touch here.


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