Autocare Help Local Farm Trust With New Vehicle
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Autocare Help Local Farm Trust With New Vehicle

It was an ordinary October day for the team at Autocare Centre in Chepstow. There were the usual MOTs to do, a couple of services and a few parts to replace. But for the Dean Farm Trust, it was going to be a day of bad news!

The Dean Farm Trust is an animal sanctuary local to Chepstow. It rescues animals including miniature Shetland ponies, donkeys, pigs, sheep and ex-battery hens and gives them a home for life. The trust also provides information on factory farming and intensive breeding seeking to increase awareness among the public.

The sanctuary’s Ford Focus was booked in for its annual MOT. But alas, it failed and the charity couldn’t afford the repairs that needed to be done. There was only one thing for it – the scrap heap. But this left Dean Farm Trust in a tricky situation. Their car was vital to their work, picking up feed, medication and taking animals to the vets and rescuing other small animals. Without it they were a bit stuck.

The Dean Farm Trust team were starting to think of ways they might raise some cash quickly through crowdfunding on social media, when Autocare Centre offered to donate a small Mitsubishi to the trust. The team at Dean Farm were so relieved and grateful and wrote on Facebook “We are absolutely stunned with this amazing donation it has helped us so much.”


Bill and Dee owners of Autocare Centre were really pleased they could make such a huge difference to a local Chepstow charity. “Like so many of our customers, the Dean Farm Trust have used us for a number of years, and it was our pleasure to be able to help out such a worthy charity in their hour of need.”

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