Autocare COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Statement
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Autocare COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Statement

Autocare Centre Chepstow wants to assure you that we are taking our customers health and wellbeing very seriously.

In line with government advice, we are operating our business as usual, with enhanced cleanliness standards to reduce any risk of germs spreading.

This means:

    • We will limit physical contact e.g. by not shaking hands
    • We will aim to keep a distance of two meters from our customers
    • We will use gloves when handling your car from start to finish
    • We will clean the steering wheel, door handles, car keys etc. before returning
    • We are increasing our cleaning responsibilities at the garage by regularly cleaning door handles, public and work areas
    • We are washing our hands regularly and using hand sanitiser to disinfect
    • Customers will be allowed into reception but not inside the workshop

As always, customer safety is our highest priority and we will be closely monitoring government advice and taking any necessary steps to support the control of the virus.

We hope you understand that these steps are being taken to safeguard your safety and those of our associates at our garage.

Where applicable we will also offer to pick up and bring back your car, if required.

We would like to thank all our customers for their cooperation and ongoing support in these unprecedented times.

The Autocare Team



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