How To Save Money On Driving In 2019

How To Save Money On Driving In 2019

Are you paying huge amounts of money each year on driving? With fuel prices increasing by a staggering £5.44p a litre during April, it is no wonder you are looking for new ways to effectively reduce driving costs and maintain a healthy motoring budget.

From purchasing a car that’s right for you, to eco-friendly driving and regular servicing of your vehicle, we have highlighted everything you need to know about cutting driving costs in 2019.

Regional Average Fuel Price Breakdown

Below is a summary of the latest regional average fuel prices across the UK and how the increase in April has affected them, as you can see, Wales was the worst affected region in terms of percentage increase for both unleaded and diesel.


UK Average

01/04/2019 30/04/19 Change
122.62 128.06 5.44%
Wales 121.37 127.47 6.10%
Scotland 122.18 127.99 5.81%
London 123.55 129.02 5.47%
South West 122.90 128.19 5.29%
Northern Ireland 121.03 125.92 4.89%


UK Average

01/04/2019 30/04/19 Change
130.70 133.70 3.00%
Wales 130.06 133.35 3.29%
Scotland 130.84 133.82 2.98%
South West 130.99 133.97 2.98%
London 131.25 134.21 2.96%
Northern Ireland 128.65 131.13 2.48%

Top Tips When Purchasing A New Car

If you are in the process of choosing a new vehicle, here are our top tips for making sure you make a good investment:

  • Check the cost of road tax.
  • Check the cost of insurance.
  • Take the fuel efficiency of vehicle (MPG) into consideration.
  • Shop around for the best deal.
  • Don’t be afraid of second hand – check out our checklist for buying a used car first!
  • If you go to a dealership, haggle for the best prices.

Practice Economical Driving Habits

With the latest increase in Road Tax (VED) coming in April 2019, it’s safe to say that more economical and fuel-efficient cars are going to become more and more popular.

In addition to the car you drive, there are a number of changes you can make to your driving style in order to reduce emissions and save fuel. See below some tips to give you more of an idea on eco-friendly driving.

  • Remove unnecessary objects from your vehicle.
  • Make your vehicle more aerodynamic.
  • Plan your journey before setting off.
  • Avoid changing gear to early or late.
  • Switch off your air conditioning when not in use.
  • Drive at the speed limit.
  • Don’t brake too heavily.
  • Don’t ride the clutch.
  • Don’t rev the engine unnecessarily.

As disappointing as it is, we don’t think we will be getting a glimpse of new vehicles that operate solely on grass trimmings throughout the duration of 2019!

Servicing And MOT

If your vehicle is due a service or MOT, then we highly recommend that you get this done to ensure that your car complies with the latest rules and regulations of the road.

In addition to reducing the risk of an expensive unexpected breakdown, you will avoid fines of up to £100 and extra points on your licence leading to increased insurance premiums.

Autocare Tip: When having your MOT done, be sure to choose a garage that offers free retests if remedial work is carried out there.

Best Fuel and Insurance Deals In 2019

Finding the best fuel and insurance deals online can be challenging! The table below outlines the average price range for insurance costs in 2019:

Insurance Cost (age) Estimated Costs
20’s £1,036
30’s £832
40’s £692
50’s £600
60’s £687

As you can see, the cost of insuring a car is not cheap, especially for younger drivers, so if you are looking for ways to make the cost of your insurance cheaper then there are a range of options available to you including;

  • Have a black box installed.
  • Install apps to find the best petrol prices.
  • Take an advanced driving course.
  • Avoid premium fuels unless recommended by your garage.
  • Shop around for the best deal using comparison websites.
  • Drive safe and protect your no claims bonus.
  • Keep your car parked in a safe place at work and at home.

Regular Servicing And MOT’s At Autocare Chepstow

Our highly qualified and specialist team have years of experience carrying out servicing, repairs and MOTs on a wide selection of vehicles, including all electric and hybrid vehicles. For more information, call us on 01291 627137 to speak with a member of our team.


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