Car MOT Pass Requirement Checklist

Car MOT Pass Requirement Checklist

MOT’s are a thing every car owner will have to endure once every 12 months after their car is over 3 years old. The test is designed to ensure the car is roadworthy and safe to drive. If a car doesn’t pass MOT legal requirements it cannot legally be taxed, insured or driven – and being caught doing the latter can result in fines of up to £2500.

We have created an MOT test checklist to ensure that you don’t get caught short by a common fault on your next visit to the garage, some of the most common faults are the most easily avoidable.

Your MOT Test Checklist

  • Lights & signalling – These account for 30% of all MOT failures and usually are very cheap to replace, turn all your lights on and have a friend walk round your car to make sure no lights are dimmed or broken.
  • Brakes – 10% of cars fail due to this – although brakes aren’t the easiest thing to test without experience you can get a pretty good idea if your brakes feel loose or unresponsive, if this is the case then it’s worth taking your car to a garage before an MOT.
  • Tyres – Again being responsible for 10% of test failures tyres are a common fault and can be checked very easily at home.
  • Horn – This may not seem like an obvious one but if your car horn doesn’t work it will fail it’s MOT, you can test this by giving it a suitably long honk to the delight of your neighbours, make sure it keeps a continuous note.
  • Windscreen – The mirrors must be secure and present with an adequate view of the road to the driver, make sure of this before your test as once again repairing or replacing them before your test will save you money.
  • Warning lights – They appear on the dashboard, the car owner manual will inform you of what each lights means – if it’s something you can’t fix yourself then take it to the garage

Whilst most other areas of the test cannot be tested without extra knowledge or equipment, if you have owned your car a while you can usually tell if something is wrong, therefore it’s always best to take it to a garage first.

How to Spot an Approved MOT Centre

To legally MOT your car, you must use an approved MOT test centre. Thankfully qualified centres are easy to spot, an approved MOT centre will display a blue sign with 3 triangles, much like the one we have in our Chepstow garage

You can appeal an MOT failure if you believe your car passes all MOT legal requirements this process in most cases will however require you to pay again for a retest

Am I exempt from an MOT?

Whereas most cars are legally required to have an MOT yearly there are the lucky few of us who may own vehicles that are exempt from this:

  • Cars and motorcycles made before 1960
  • Good vehicles powered by electricity
  • Tractors

If you are one of the lucky few that doesn’t have to worry about getting an MOT you will need to ensure that you declare your vehicle is exempt by completing a V112. Without this form completed you will not be able to tax your vehicle, download a copy of the V112 on the website.

Although these vehicles don’t legally require an MOT, it is always important to keep your vehicle in road worthy condition to avoid being penalized.

Can you Drive your Car Without an MOT?

We can probably name a few people that have panicked at the last second because they have realised their MOT is about to expire and they have not arranged for it to be redone. In this case you may think well as long as I have got my MOT booked in soon, I will be fine to drive it for the next couple of days, well that is not the case.

The only time you are able to drive your car after the MOT expiry date is if you were driving it to the MOT centre for testing however in this scenario it would be best to choose the closest garage for repair and ensure you set a reminder for next time its due to avoid being in the same predicament.

Bear in mind if your car isn’t roadworthy at this point you can still be prosecuted and fined.

Is It Time for Your MOT?

When it comes to your next MOT make sure you go through these checks to avoid a common failure on the day, if you need to book an MOT you can call us today on 01291 627137.


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